Software Development training

Complete Development from Requirement Collection to Final Implementation and Support

Software development training

Course Fee and Duration

Duration : 9/5 Months

Free : ₹ 31,500 (INR)


As we know, the educational institution around us (College/ University / Institute), just providing education on behalf of some course / syllabus, that is not enough to be a developer or get quality job. Learning a language only is not sufficient to become an IT professional or Crack Interview in the industry. Just because they don't have any custom software development experience, so they are unable to provide such level of training or practical implimentation of such things.

As a software company we have years of experience in software, websites and web applications development and strong client base. Our training program is designed to provide real Development Training, to make you able to develop quality software product.


  1. Introduction to Company, Govt. Rules, Needs of Software, Scope and Uses.
  2. Different Platform of Development
  3. How to choose a Development Path
  4. Introduction of DBMS/RDBMS, and choosing right DBMS
  5. Software Development Path and Technology
  6. Case Study and Demo
  7. Software Development life Cycle.
  8. Accountancy in software and Scope
  9. Financial Accountancy, Taxation and Rules.
  10. Designing Database
  11. Programming Language VB.Net / C Sharp.Net
  12. Server Side Programming, Optimizing for Network / Internet
    1. My SQL
    2. Oracle
    3. MS Access
    4. SQL Server
  13. Programming Language and Development Methodology
    1. Introduction to Controls
    2. Designing Forms and Placing Controls
    3. Defining Navigation
    4. Working with data in Different Environment (Stand alone / Network)
    5. Different type of Connectivity
  14. Development of Software
  15. Testing, Installation and Maintenance.
  16. Application Server and DB Server
  17. Exchanging Data between Different Application
  18. Reporting and Printing On Different Type of Printer
  19. XML Data Model*
  20. Using API*
  21. Windows Services*
  22. Word, Excel Automation.*
  23. Mail and SMS Integration*
  24. Preparing Documentation
  25. Defining, maintaining and Specifying Quality
  26. Support after Training.

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